Following are the tasks and responsibilities:

  1. Proposes, drafts and ensures the implementation of policy/strategy documents in the mining sector;
  2. Proposes, drafts and ensures the implementation of mining sector legislation;
  3. Prepares and monitors community development plans, affected by mining activities;
  4. Provides support in drafting, reviewing and proposing the Management Plant for mineral resource management documents;
  5. Proposes and drafts mineral resource promotion programs;
  6. Manages, updates and maintains the database on mining and energy activities;
  7. Processes technical documentation on generation and preparation of utilizable mineral resource balances.

2. The Head of the Mining Department reports to the Secretary General.

3. The Mining Department comprises:

  1. Mining Policy Division;
  2. Mineral Resource and Balance Division;
  3. Database and Promotion Division.

4. Number of employees in the Mining Department is eleven (11). 


acting Head of Department of Mines: Dukagjin Shala