Economic Development and European Integration

1. Following are the tasks and responsibilities:

  1. Provides support for the harmonization of activities for the European integration process;
  2. Monitors and reports on the implementation of recommendations of the European Commission;
  3. Provides support in the harmonizationof the legislation of this Ministry with Acquis Communautaire;
  4. Coordinates activities of the Ministry for financial support from the Pre-Accession Instrument (PAI) and other fundsof the European Union;
  5. Contributes to the exchange of information in the function of the European integration process for the scope of this ministry.
  6. Proposes, compiles and provides for the implementation of policy/strategic documents for economic development;
  7. Provides support to other respective institutions on the preparation of sectorial policy/strategic documents from the sphere of economic development;
  8. Proposes, compiles and provides for the implementation of instructions related to the form and content of sectorial and cross-sectorial economic development strategies and their monitoring;
  9. Provides support in the preparation of strategies for the development of the energy, mining, postal, electronic communications and information society sectors, and in their implementation programs;
  10. Prepares and updates, in coordination with respective ministries and institutions, of the database for national economic development;
  11. Prepares and publishes periodic analyses of economic indicators for national and sectorial economic development;
  12. Compiles regular periodic reports on the implementation of economic development policy/strategic documents;
  13. Cooperates with the Ministry of Finance in determining key indicators for the state budget as well as the advantages of public investments;
  14. Organizes conferences and public debates on topics related directly to the economic development in Republic of Kosovo and beyond.

2. The Head of the Department of European Integrations, Policy Coordination and Economic Development shall report to the Secretary General.

3. This Department comprises the following Divisions:

  1. European Integration Division;
  2. Policy Coordination Division;
  3. National Economic Development Strategies Division.

4. The number of employees in the European Integrations, Policy Coordination and Economic Development Department is fifteen (15).