Internal Audit Division

Duties and responsibilities:

  1. Ensures adequate implementation of laws, rules, policies, instructions and manuals defined with the applicable legislation;
  2. Ensures timely preparation of the strategic draft audit plan based on the risk assessment;
  3. Organizes, conducts and monitors all internal auditing activities for the ministry and submits audit results, in line with the applicable legislation;
  4. Drafts and submits quarterly and annual reports on all auditing activities;
  5. Drafts and implements quality assurance program on internal and external assessment of the functioning of the internal auditing.
  6. Promptly reports to the senior management and the Audit Committee on all indicators of fraudulent activities or corruption, provides proposals to improve the situation, and if the senior management doesn’t undertake the necessary actions, informs other competent authorities.

2. Head of the Internal Audit Division reports to the Minister.

3. The Internal Audit Division shall have two (2) staff.